Public Agency Law

O’Laughlin & Paris LLP represents irrigation districts, joint powers authorities, groundwater sustainability agencies, and other public agencies throughout California as both general and special counsel.


Our public agency representation includes counsel and advice on compliance with the Brown Act, the conflict of interest codes, the Wright Act, the Water Code, and applicable sections of the Administrative Procedures Act. The firm also assists in agency compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, particularly those regarding conflicts of interest, incompatible offices and the acceptance of honoraria and gifts.


O’Laughlin & Paris LLP routinely reviews, advises and responds to requests for public records, reviews and drafts simple and complex contracts affecting real property, personal property and the provision of services, and provides written and oral opinions regarding our client’s rights, duties and obligations under statute, contract or agreement. The firm also advises its public agency clients on Proposition 218 matters, rate structures and increases, annexations, real estate transactions and the exercise of the power of eminent domain.