O’Laughlin & Paris LLP strives to achieve resolutions for our clients in an expedient manner outside of the courtroom.  However, when litigation is necessary or advantageous, O’Laughlin & Paris LLP has the litigation experience to effectively prosecute or defend client interests before administrative agencies and state and federal courts.

We successfully represent clients at every level, from water matters in front of administrative agencies to multi-party, complex federal litigation. From the inception of a case, through the discovery process, trial, and appeal, O’Laughlin & Paris LLP develops and presents a case based upon solid evidence and grounded in legal theory. Whether we are representing a single party or a consortium of parties with similar interests, O’Laughlin & Paris LLP has garnered a solid reputation for efficient and effective advocacy.

In litigation matters, our attorneys keep clients apprised of all developments and affirmatively seek client guidance as the case progresses. We make sure we fully understand the long and short-term goals of the client at all stages of litigation and tailor our strategy and tactics accordingly.  


  • Successfully challenged the State Water Resources Control Board's unlawful issuance of curtailment orders during the drought.

  • Successfully challenged the State Water Resources Control Board's unlawful adoption of wetlands regulations issued in excess of Board authority.

  • Challenging the State Water Resources Control Board's revisions to the Water Quality Control Plan for the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta as violating the Porter-Cologne Act, CEQA, and the Clean Water Act.

  • Representing water users in a federal court case challenging biological opinions issued pursuant to the Endangered Species Act.

  • Representing groundwater sustainability agencies in a challenge to the adoption of a groundwater sustainability plan under SGMA.